We will have a lot of raw fiber for sale May 2021! Watch for the new colors!

We are having a professional shearer coming MAY 6th 2024 to shear our animals.  

So, we will have the following colors available at $10 a pound raw.  This fiber will be blanket only which is the finest  fiber. We have many colors available this year!  I will be sending off my left over raw fiber to a fiber mill and have yarn available this fall.  So, if you want raw fiber get your order in early so you can get some!  You can pay through Paypal or send me a check.  Contact me with any questions and for payment methods..   

Happy Shopping and Thank You For Checking Out My Website!

1. "Red Cedar"  (redish brown) 

2. "Pascha"   (Pure white)

3. "Chi "    (Pure white older female)

4. "Ricki"   (True black soft yarn fiber)

5. "Dippity"  (Medium fawn soft yarn ) 

6. "Pepsi"  (Dark Fawn old lady)

7. "Paul"   (Black baby yarn fiber)    

8. "Momma Mia  (Medium  gray soft yarn)   

9. "Ranger"     (Medium gray yarn fiber)

10. "Trinity (Dark fawn yarn fiber)

11. "Jaycee"   ( Rose Gray soft yarn fiber)

12.  "Gala"   (Medium brown)

HERE IS THE LINE UP!!  SO IF YOU SEE A COLOR YOU LIKE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL RESERVE YOUR WISH LIST!! .  I know some spinners can spin raw fiber right off the animal.   Give me a call or email me with any questions.    

Thank you!!

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