Crias will just take you to a whole new warm and fuzzy place in time!!  Being around the babies makes even the born and raised city folk want to turn country!!  Alpacas are a docile and quiet animal...except with each other if someone is hogging the food bin.  They can spit like llamas, but rarely spit at humans....unless you are between the two squabbling...then, yes, you may take a direct hit.
They spit at each other when they are arguing over someone's space.  The crias are born any time of the year.  Females can be bred by introducing a male and putting them together to start her cycling.  She will carry her cria from 11 months to 12 months.  For the safety of the cria, it is better to have them born in the late spring to early fall.  They are up and nursing in the first hour and then they are
up and checking everything out!  For some reason, alpacas seem to really have a thing for cats.  Now, dogs are another thing.  Dogs must bring out the protective instinct in mom.  She will go after and try and stomp any dog that comes into the area.  Dogs need to be introduced very carefully if at all.
You will find that when you first start raising these gentle creatures that your camera will never be far away!  I have more pictures of these cuties than I do of my only child!! 

June Bug
Ebony Ice
Ebony Ice & Franny
Melody & Meshack
Jasper's a Big Boy Now!
I am soooo  tired  I think I'll just take a  nap!
I have blue eyes and am deaf, but hey that doesn't stop me from having fun! 
Victoria is growing quickly!
Victoria meets her new cousin Sonic Boom...born on the 4th of July!
Who has me???!!  Mom is that you??
Meet Toby!  His daddy is the famous Gladiator!
lMeet our boy Jesse!  His daddy is our part accoyo boy Newfenwicks Cedars Pulsar Express!
.Here is our pretty boy J&J's Blaze!  He has a white blaze across his pretty face!  His daddy is  our gorgeous gray boy
Silver Charming REO!
J&J's Blaze at a few days old!
Carmin with his new friend the pygmy goat!
Zeus with his new pygmy goat friend too!
2014 babies!!  Are they not adorable!
Here's Gabriel and his mom Sam.  He has super fiber that is tight bundles from nose to toes!
Here is our last summer 2011 boy Blaze after his first hair cut sping 2012!