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You can reach us at:

Jody Ehler


2917 Highway 22
Muscatine, IA 52761


The weather needs to be nice and rain free!  Alpaca visits are in the open pasture by the fence.  I place a bale of hay in a wagon next to the fence along the driveway!  Visitors can sit in chairs and watch the alpacas.  You can take as many photos as you like and pet them through the fence.  

You must EMAIL to confirm your visit time slot!  I need your contact information in case of a cancellation.    RAIN-visit will be canceled or rescheduled!!  
The alpacas won't come out if it's raining!  
Thank you for your interest in the alpacas!  ENJOY!  

   Each visit is for 60 minutes!  

Farm visits by appointment only! 
I will be starting a new program with my farm visits.   Each visit for 60 minutes.  Farm visits will have a small fee for attending. 

$5.00 per visitor.  (check or cash)
If paying with a check please make it out to "Jody Ehler".  
Bring correct fee amounts!  I will not have change!!  Thank you!!  

 Please email for a visit.  This is our home and farm.  I don't have business hours with my alpacas, but I do enjoy showing them to visitors. 

I hope you will find your journey through my site an intriguing and heart warming experience.  These gentle creatures are very docile and easy to manage.  They have big round dark eyes that tug at your heart strings!  Alpacas make a humming noise to communicate with each other.  It is a very soothing sound.  Alpacas are very low maintenance.   They only require a good orchard grass/alfalfa hay,  a cup of alpaca pellets 2x a day, and a good alpaca mineral powder.  They can utilize the hay that they eat almost completely compared to a horse.  Alpacas need to be sheared once a year in the spring.  Apacas have one cria (baby) in 11 to 12 months.  They can be bred any month of the year.  Alpacas come in 22 different color shades and any pattern.  We are breeding for a high quality alpaca with luxurious fiber for spinning into yarn.  This yarn will be used to make highly sought after alpaca garments..  We  will help you find and purchase the alpaca package that is the right fit for you and your farm.   We also will offer agisting (boarding) of your alpacas for a limited time if this makes alpaca ownership a possibility for you.  We can board them for a short time if you need more time to get your fencing ready.  Give me a call or email today.

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Welcome to my website!  Hope you enjoy the visit!  Give a call or send an email and come for a visit!  
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